Ricardo Muti, principal conductor at Opera Scala Milan in his greetings to the world at the New Years Concerto 2000 with the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The last century, which has ended last night, was heavily impacted by economical crisis, different cruel wars, the cold war and related other events, that not only led to poverty and desperation for a lot of our planets population, those events as well splitted people,families, nations and cultures from each other…

Let us work jointly together in this new century to help to make this world a better one for everyone - by teaching and sharing the only global and universal language that everyone understands on this planet: OUR MUSIC

25 years earlier, in 1975 the treasurer of Caracas, in his second profession/education composer and conductor, had a similar vision and dreamed of having all children in Venezuela, who are threatened by poverty, crime and other negative effects during their childhood,’under’ instruments instead of’ under’ weapons or in violence.

This treasurer, Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu, started the first Children and Youth Orchestra in Venezuela – which through its fast growth and success , was soon transformed into a state foundation (For those who have a problem with H. Chavez - this was several years before he appeared on the horizon as president…however today he supports the foundation with several million Bolivares each year). To date more than 2 million kids have passed this unique system of children education, where all kids learn in 2GROUPS, from as early as 2 years on, how to make CLASSICAL music TOGETHER - and such learn to listen to each other, respect each other, what fruits discipline in mastering an instrument can bear and all the other effects that are often enough neglected once you learn alone, like in many of our systems in the western hemisphere. El sistema, this is the name of this movement, has received last year from the Interamerican Bank for Development (some of you may remember this bank from Aviation projects in the region) 150 Million !!! USD in order to build and provide the infrastructure to bring the current level of 350 000 kids and students in el sistema to 500 000 until 2015.


The encounter with Maestro Abreu and Gustavo Dudamel last year and the level of classical music that was presented by two hundered and fourty 12 – 24 year old kids on their Tour through Europe and later Asia, playing together since their earliest childhood, underlined again for me the words and meaning from Ricardo Muti and woke me up.

It is my serious and hearts desire as founder of this global Aviation Experts Network to spread the idea of Maestro Abreu into as much countries, cultures and peoples hearts as possible.



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